Beware of Idolatry

Acts 7:41 – That was the time they made a calf. They offered a sacrifice to that false god and delighted in what they had made.

In chapter seven of the book of Acts Stephen is recounting when the children of Israel who were not willing to obey what God had said but had chosen to go their own way had made a golden calf to worship. This is known as idolatry. Idolatry is when someone chooses to make a god that fits their own way of living.

We still see believers under the New Covenant doing this today. A false god or idol is when we try make God to be someone He is not, trying to fit our own lifestyle, what we want. This is what the children of Israel did after God had delivered them from Egypt, which for us represents what Jesus did to deliver us from the world when we were born again. When we know what scripture teaches us about God and His ways but choose our own way, changing scripture to fit what we want, that is idolatry.

For example, the New Testament tells us that we are to have a shepherd and gather with a body of believers. Yet many believers today say, “God doesn’t care if I go to church or not”. They have made a god to fit their own lifestyle because they choose to ignore scripture, saying things about God that are not true. Simply put, when we like the children of Israel, choose what we want and not what God has said, we have made a false god. In doing so we miss out on God’s promises for us.

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