Eternal Life / Knowing God

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

When man sinned in the garden his relationship with the Father was broken. He could not have intimate fellowship with God because of the sin nature that was now separating him from the Father. But that is why Jesus hung on a cross and bore our sin, and the punishment our sin deserved. In doing so He provided the way for that old sin nature to be removed, and for us to receive a new spirit within so God the Father and man could once again be restored to have intimate fellowship.

Jesus tells us in John 17:3 that eternal life is to know the Father, not just know about Him, but to know Him intimately. That was the primary reason Jesus came. Eternal life does not mean to exist forever, for all will do so, but those who know Christ will not face separation from the Father. Once we have been born again we have received eternal life, the opportunity to know Him intimately. We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven nor should we, for He wants us to get to know Him now.

James tells us when we draw near to Him, He draws near to us. We can do so through His Word, through prayer, and by coming to His house and worshipping Him, being equipped to go out and work together with Him. So don’t put off getting to know your heavenly Father. Take the time to draw near to Him. You will find that your life will be so much better if you do. Your heavenly Father awaits. Draw near to Him every day, and He will draw near to you.

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Complete and Thoroughly Equipped

2 Timothy 3:16-17
16 All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness,
17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

The very existence of our life is found in Jesus Christ. Because of Him we have life. Jesus is the Word that became flesh, therefore He and the Word are one. To truly live we must allow His Word to do its work in us. In these verses we are told that through scripture we may be throughly equipped for every good work (what God has planned for us).

These four things revealed in 2 Timothy are how we through the complete working of God’s Word experience what He has planned for us. We must continually receive sound doctrinal teaching from the Word of God. False doctrine is the result of man’s opinion, taking scripture out of context. So make sure you are receiving sound doctrine. As we are taught the Word of God rebuke will come, which means a revealing of areas in our life where change is needed. If we will receive rebuke, not becoming offended by the Word of God, we will then receive the correction needed from the Word.

This correction is God revealing to us how to correct the areas in our life that we are not walking in line with His will. As we make these corrections we are instructed in righteousness, doing what is pleasing to God, which brings us into a deeper relationship with Him. Letting the Word do its work in your life is how you become complete, and thoroughly equipped for every good work.

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Acknowledge All That Is Good, All That Is God

Philemon 1:6
…that the sharing of your faith may become effective by the acknowledgment of every good thing which is in you in Christ Jesus.

Once you are born again you have within you all that is good, because you have the very presence of God Himself residing in your spirit. To become effective in sharing your faith, acknowledge how good your God is. Don’t magnify the devil by focusing on and talking about what you may be facing in the natural, magnify the goodness of God within you by acknowledging all you have in Christ Jesus, and what He has done for you.

This is what walking by faith and not by sight is all about. When you walk by faith you do not look at what is seen or revealed to the senses, but the things which are not seen (what is not yet revealed in the natural realm) but found in the promises of God’s Word. We don’t deny the natural realm, we just don’t magnify and focus our attention on it by talking about and confessing the problems.

Instead focus on the goodness of God by looking to God’s Word, and magnifying and confessing the Word of God over your life. Faith is unmoved by what it sees, unaffected by what it feels, for it is only focused on what God has said. That is true faith, and that is how you will change your circumstances and share your faith with others as you acknowledge every good thing you have in Christ Jesus.

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True worshipers are those who worship God in spirit, and in truth. God is seeking for such to worship Him. What exactly does it mean to worship God? Find out in this important series of messages from Pastor Darryl Baker.

Save Yourself From Future Trouble

Acts 27:10-11, 21
10 “Men, I perceive that this voyage will end with disaster and much loss,…”
11 Nevertheless the centurion was more persuaded by the helmsman and the owner of the ship than by the things spoken by Paul.
21 Paul stood in the midst of them and said, “Men, you should have listened to me, and not have sailed from Crete and incurred this disaster and loss.

In Acts 27 the apostle Paul was being taken by a centurion to appeal his case before Caesar. After having now been placed on a second ship on their journey, they come to a harbor near Lasea. Paul warns them they should proceed no further for if they do as he stated in the above verse, it will end with disaster and much loss. Paul perceived this in his spirit by the Holy Spirit. But the centurion was persuaded by the helmsman to go on.

As they continue it first appears Paul may have been wrong as the first part of their trip goes well. But then a massive storm hits and disaster has struck just as Paul had said. Paul tells them they should have listened to him and not incurred this disaster and loss. This still happens today. Spiritual leaders called by God to watch over their flocks who are doing as Paul told Timothy, teaching the whole counsel of God, try to warn their people of decisions in their life that will bring disaster and loss.

Sadly, just as in Paul’s situation, people listen to the voice of others instead of the Word of God they are being taught through gifted leaders. They receive counsel from friends, family, or others who are not called by God to lead them. At first it seems they have made the right decision, but the end result is never good. Find the leadership God has called you too and heed the Word of God they teach you. Doing so can save you from much harm in your life down the road.

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A True Christian Is A Christ Follower

Acts 11:26b – And the disciples were first called Christians in Antioch.

The first time the word Christian is used in scripture is here in Acts chapter 11. What exactly is a Christian then according to the Word of God? The definition here for the word “Christians” in the above verse is defined in the original language as one who follows after and adheres to the ways of Christ. Think of how many people today say they are a Christian, yet do not adhere to the way Jesus lived. Once born again, the goal is to become a Christ follower.

What does it take to become a true Christian according to God’s Word? First of all we need to recognize we have been bought with a price, and we are now to glorify God in our body and in our spirit because they are now His (1 Corinthians 6:20). In other words, stop living for the old you, and start living in line with the new creation you have become. A major key to doing this is focusing your life on getting to know the One you are to follow.

Sadly many who become born again may actually learn some scripture and begin to make some changes in their life, but without a close personal relationship with Jesus, they tend to drift back to the old ways. Take time to have daily fellowship through the New Testament with Jesus. Also spend time around others who actually live a true Christian life, one that has been transformed to the ways of Christ, not just claiming to be a Christian. Becoming a true Christ follower is what being born again is all about. Make Him your true pursuit in life and you can become like Him.

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True worshipers are those who worship God in spirit, and in truth. God is seeking for such to worship Him. What exactly does it mean to worship God? Find out in this important series of messages from Pastor Darryl Baker.

Liberty In The Lord

2 Corinthians 3:17
Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty (emancipation from bondage, freedom).

The moment one becomes born again the Lord Jesus by way of the Holy Spirit coming into your spirit man liberates us from the sin nature, and all that came as a result of that sin nature. The word emancipation, referring to liberty, is defined as the act of setting one free from the power of another. Just as slaves in our Country were liberated through emancipation, so also everyone born again has been freed from the evil one, and given liberty through Jesus Christ.

The word “Lord” means supreme in authority. There is no higher authority than the Lord Jesus Christ. To be born again He must be acknowledged as the “Lord”, the supreme authority in your life. You can have this liberty and yet live as a slave to the old natures ways, and to the works that satan brought with it. There are several reasons why some still live like a slave to these things. One reason is a lack of knowledge of what you now have in Christ Jesus. God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.

But not only do we need to know what is now rightfully ours because we are sons and daughters of God, we need to now yield to the Lord of our life. Choosing to make our own choices apart from the Lord’s way for us brings bondage not liberty. When we choose His way of thinking, His way of speaking, and that changes our way of living; we allow the Lordship of Christ to rule over us, in us, and through us, and that leads to liberty.

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True worshipers are those who worship God in spirit, and in truth. God is seeking for such to worship Him. What exactly does it mean to worship God? Find out in this important series of messages from Pastor Darryl Baker.

Grace To The Humble

James 4:6
But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”

The grace we have in Christ is able to bring great strength to the believer. Grace is help from heaven, what God is able to do in and through your life. As the scripture above reveals, God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble. This reveals that there is more grace, the help of God available to those who are humble. In the verses that follow we see keys to Bible humility.

The very next verse says to submit to God and resist the devil. In chapter one of this letter James tells us we are not tempted by God but by satan. He tempts us with our own fleshly desires. When we choose to submit to God instead of yielding to the temptation, we automatically resist satan and receive God’s help. In chapter four above James goes on to say we are to draw near to God, and He will draw near to us. The more we fellowship with God, the more of His help we receive.

He then tells us to cleanse our hands of willful sin, and to purify our hearts from being double-minded. Double-minded people James said in chapter one receive nothing from the Lord. To not be double-minded one simply gets their focus on the things of the spirit, looking at life through God’s perspective instead of the flesh. For those who follow this recipe for humbling themselves, they will receive more of God’s grace, help from heaven.

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