Will He Find Faith

Luke 18:8b
But when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?”

Have you ever thought about this statement from Jesus? In the previous verses He speaks of a widow who goes to an unjust judge that neither has regard for man, nor a reverence for God. But she doesn’t allow what she sees in this unjust judge to detour her. She continues to come and plead with this “unjust judge” (who is nothing like our God), and because she is not detoured by what she sees in him she gets her answer.

There have been many wrong analogies of these scriptures. Some will say you keep bombarding God with your requests and He will eventually answer you. But Jesus even tells us that our Father will avenge us speedily, and He is not an unjust judge. To understand the power of what Jesus said, simply define what one who walks by faith is like. We are to walk by faith, never allowing what we see to detour us from believing in and acting upon and in line with the Word of God. That widow did not allow what she saw to discourage her.

If you walk by faith, then what you see in the natural never detours you from trusting in God and therefore walking in line with His Word and plan for us. You don’t get down and allow circumstances to get to you. So many claim to walk by faith, but they allow what they see or feel too affect what they then say or do instead of what God has said. So this is what Jesus was talking about. When He comes will He actually find people who have chosen to act upon His Word and never allow what they see detour them from doing so. Remember, faith without works (corresponding action) is dead.

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