Blind Faith vs. Real Faith

Hebrews 11:1

Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see.

Have you ever heard the term “blind faith”? There are some who think faith is blind in the sense that we have to sit back, do nothing, and just believe somehow God will make everything right, and therefore I just need to walk in blind faith. But faith is far from blind. In fact the above scripture clearly states that faith convinces us of the existence of things that are not yet seen by the natural eye. If they exist there is a way to see those things. You do so with the eye of faith.

It begins by actually seeing this evidence with your natural eyes. Since faith comes by hearing the Word of God we know faith is based on one thing — what God has said. When God told Abraham he was a father of a multitude he was told to look at the stars of heaven and the sand beneath his feet, and in doing so he could see as God had said that He had already made him a father of a multitude. Romans 4:19 tells us he was not weak in faith, not considering (looking at) his natural body, but instead focused on what God had said was already his by looking at the stars and the sand.

Today we have God’s Word that we can look to and therefore see with our own eyes what God has said we already have, based on what Jesus has done for us. We then focus on what we can see, the Word of God, and like Abraham and God (Rom. 14:17) we begin to call what is not yet manifest as if it were, for what God has said is the evidence of what already exists. Blind faith would have nothing to focus on, but Bible faith does for God has already declared in His Word what we already have in Christ Jesus.

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