Trust In God

Psalms 9:10
Your loyal followers trust in you, for you, LORD, do not abandon those who seek your help.

One of the most key elements of faith that is often overlooked is revealed through the understanding of this simple word, trust. Years ago a great man of God Dr. Lester Sumrall was asked by a young minister what faith was. Dr. Sumrall looked at the young man and asked him, “ How far can you trust God”? When you define what trust is, it is simply another word for faith. It means you are fully convinced.

For example, how many parents who love their children would take a young baby and give it to someone to take care of for days if they had not gotten to know that person? But, if you knew them well by having built a relationship with them, and therefore had developed a trust in them, then it wouldn’t be difficult to do. So it is with God. Many struggle in their faith walk because they have not really gotten to know the One who they are to put their trust in. They just know about Him.

The best way to develop this relationship is through daily time in His Word. Especially in the New Testament where we learn about our covenant, and through Jesus we can get to know God. Jesus said if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father. Whenever you open the Word of God you should treat it as if you just sat down to spend time with Him. God’s Word is God speaking to you. Take the time to develop a genuine relationship with your God. Not only will you learn to trust Him, He will not abandon you.

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