Consider Not

Romans 4:19
And not being weak in faith, he did not consider his own body, already dead (since he was about a hundred years old), and the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

Abraham is known as the father of faith, and we can learn much about faith from his example of walking with God. Our faith is based on what God has said about any given situation in our lives, and our faith is in the One who gave us that Word, and what He has done for us. One of the areas that is misunderstood about faith is in what we are dealing with or facing in the natural circumstances of life. We don’t deny they exist, but we are not to consider the circumstances.

Notice Abraham here in Romans 4:17 knowing that God had given him a promise that he and Sarah would have a child did not consider or give attention to what was true in the natural. He was almost 100 years old, and Sarah was barren, unable to have children. Abraham did not deny these things to be true, but he did not give his attention to those things. He chose instead to focus on what God had said. Once you know what God’s Word has said about any situation in your life, to walk by faith you must not talk about and think about what is true in the natural. Instead you must line your confession up with God’s Word.

Some think faith is denying what is seen in the natural, but that is not faith. What is seen is true, but God’s Word is Truth (John 17:17), and if you walk by faith and not by sight, His Truth will change what is true. To often you have believers that are denying what is true thinking that is faith, or others who continue to focus on what is seen by confessing and talking the problem. Both are wrong. Faith does not deny that something exists, but faith denies it’s right to stay that way by focusing on the Truth, declaring and acting on God’s Word. Be like Abraham and don’t consider what you see, consider what God said, and what is seen will change. What are you considering?

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