God Satisfies The Hungry

Psalms 107:9
For He satisfies the longing soul,
And fills the hungry soul with goodness.

I was in a service years ago in my church that I was a member of at the time and I will never forget this encounter I had with the presence of God. It was during our worship service. I was lifting my hands and just loving on God with all my heart. All of a sudden I was unaware of anyone or anything else around me. God’s presence was so real, and it was an experience of love I cannot describe. This went on for several minutes and actually I lost track of time.

Since that encounter I have had several times as a pastor in the pulpit where God’s presence was more real to me than anything around me. Do you desire to have such encounters with God? To be so full of His presence that nothing else can compare to Him? He desires this more than we do. The lacking element, is a true heart hunger for God. A hunger that cannot be satisfied by anything else. God longs to fill the hungry soul with goodness. What is that goodness? God Himself. Why do we seem to be lacking in a hunger for God?

It’s really simple. The primary reason someone is hungry is because they are not full. To many are filling their lives with other things, and this keeps us from having a hunger for God. God wants to move in and through His people. He desires for times of refreshing in His presence, but until we have the same desire and long for Him, we will miss out on what He has for us. Make a change. Don’t fill up on other things and lose your hunger for God. God is waiting on us to draw near to Him, when we do He will draw near to us!

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