I Desire Loyalty

Hosea 6:6
I want your loyalty, not your sacrifices.
I want you to know me, not to give me burnt offerings.

In Mathew 9:13 Jesus quoted the verse above from Hosea and said to go and learn what this means. The key word to this entire verse that the Lord wants us to understand is the word loyalty. The word loyalty here refers to a steadfast love. It is an adherence to another from the heart. In other words because of their love for another they will be completely loyal to them. This is what God wants from us and I will explain why in a minute.

Notice it says He wants our loyalty, not our sacrifices. If you have a true loyalty to God, a steadfast love for Him, then going to God’s house every time there is opportunity, sharing the gospel, giving to the work of the Lord etc. are not a sacrifice to you. Many feel that way about these things that they have to “sacrifice” there time and money for God. But that is not what God wants. Our Father wants you to want to do these things because of a steadfast love for Him.

What does this steadfast love, this loyalty lead to? He tells us in the above verse, that we may know Him. Sadly many Christians know about God, but do not intimately know God. Why? No loyalty. When going to God’s house, serving God, and giving of your finances to the work of God become a sacrifice for you, you have left your first love. Sadly scripture teaches in the last days the love of many will grow cold. If this is true for you repent and renew your loyalty to God or you will drift further away from really knowing Him.

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