Thanksgiving – It Changes Everything

Psalms 118:1
O GIVE thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His mercy and loving-kindness endure forever!

Thanksgiving is a time for every believer to be reminded of how grateful we should be for our God and Father. Thanksgiving should be a lifestyle for the believer, and not something we just do in late November each year. Many thank God for the things they have, and we should, but when we are focused on giving thanks for things, we won’t live a thankful life, for our focus is not where it should be.

We should live a life of thanksgiving because of who God is, not just for what He does. What He does is a result of who He is. He is a good and merciful God, and that is why He is good to us. When we are thankful for who He is, our focus is on Him, not on what we have or don’t have. This is powerful, for when you know who He is, and you keep your focus on Him, this life of thanksgiving will pull you through the hard challenges that come.

Paul and Silas knew this all to well. Arrested for preaching the gospel, locked in stocks in the lower part of the prison, they were not depressed and acting defeated. They prayed and began to sing praises to God. When they did, God manifested and they were set free for God inhabits the praise of His people. Choose to live a life of thanksgiving for who God is, keeping your focus on Him, and even when hard challenges come, you will rise above.

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