Faith Works Through Love

Gal. 5:6
…the only thing that matters is faith working through love.

It is true faith, a faith that believes, speaks, and acts; united with the knowledge of God’s love for you, compelling you to love, that means everything. Love, the God-kind of love, is a choice. God’s love is not based on feelings, but on actions. God’s love is not lip service, but is revealed through our deeds, how we live. Never forget, for your faith in God’s Word to work for you, you must walk in love. If your faith is not working the first place you should check is your love walk.

If you have gotten out of love, said something you shouldn’t have said or done something you should not have done, go to that person and repent and get right back in love. Jesus gave us the formula for walking in the love of God. We are to treat others the same way we would want them to treat us, no matter how they treat us. So when you think about how you are treating other people you should ask yourself, is this how I would want them to treat me. Are these the words, actions, and attitudes I would want from them.

It doesn’t matter how others have treated you, for God’s love is unconditional. It does not place a condition on others to love you before you love them. On the cross Jesus gave us the greatest example of love, asking the Father to forgive those who had crucified Him. So if you want your faith in God to work for you, walk in love, for your faith depends on it.

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