Believe In Your Heart

Romans 10:10
For with the heart one believes…

There is sadly much confusion in the body of Christ when it comes to exercising faith. Many will often say they are believing God when facing circumstances in their life, but nothing ever seems to change. When you walk in the God-kind of faith it always produces results because it is a spiritual law. One of the most significant keys to faith is found in this above verse of scripture. Faith believes in the heart, not the head.

Far to often Christians have knowledge in their head of what scripture promises them, and because they know it in their head they think they have faith. For example, faith also confesses and acts upon God’s promises. So the person who knows this may be confessing God’s promises, but still get no results. It’s like having a bullet in a gun that has no gun powder in the shell. Without the gun powder you have nothing to propel the bullet to hit it’s target. Without faith in your heart there is nothing propelling your confession to work.

So faith must be in the heart of the believer for faith to work. When it is you will be fully convinced in your heart not your head, that what God has said is already so, for faith is always present tense. Faith calls those things that be not as though they already were. If faith is not in your heart your confession will not work. Faith in the heart comes by hearing and meditating on God’s Word. You do so until the light on the inside comes on where you are fully convinced in your heart of God’s Word. When you are convinced in your heart, faith will always work.

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