Don’t Be Robbed of Your Faith

Colossians 2:8
Be careful not to let anyone rob you of this faith through a shallow and misleading philosophy. Such a person follows human traditions and the world’s way of doing things rather than following Christ.

If we allow the wrong influences in our life no matter how well meaning they may be, it will always ultimately lead to walking contrary to God’s Word. To be robbed of your faith is to be led astray from what God has stated in His Word. When you go to Hebrews 11 the hall of faith, you hear story after story about people who chose to do exactly what God said. Shallow and misleading philosophy always leads people down a path away from God’s Word.

Philosophy refers to man’s intellect. Simply put, it’s what man thinks, man’s advice not backed up by scripture. It is human reason that may often sound good, but if you take time to examine this reasoning with a clear objective to know and honor what God’s Word says, you will find out it is based on human traditions and the worlds way of doing things. You will know this is true because it appeals to your flesh. Our flesh should not control our decisions, neither should our own will. Following the flesh is the worlds way of living, which leads us away from the Truth.

Following after our own will is also not how we are to live, as Jesus Himself declared not His will be done, but the Father’s will be done. When we obey the Word we are submitting to the Fathers will, for His Word is His will for us. If you don’t want to be robbed of your faith, make sure you stop allowing the influence of others to lead you astray from doing what God’s Word says. Don’t let them appeal to your flesh or your own will, stick to God’s Word and you will follow the Lord’s plan for your life.

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