Faith Without Works Is Dead

James 2:26
For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.

One of the most important aspects of walking by faith is found in this verse from the book of James. Many do not realize that if you say you have faith but you do not act upon the Word of God, then your faith without corresponding action is useless, dead, and devoid of power. Faith must have action to work. One must have their confession and corresponding actions in line with what God’s Word says for faith to work.

Mark 9:23 tells us that all things are possible to them who believe. It did not say all things will come into manifestation because you believe, but they are possible. Romans 10:10 tells us with the heart one believes. You must believe in your heart that what God has said is yours. You cannot doubt in your heart, but once you believe in your heart you must then exercise your faith through action. Faith is acting as if the Word is true, because it is.

The great apostle Smith Wigglesworth used to say, “Faith is an act”. For example if you had a man dying of starvation and you brought him some food and asked him if he believed the food would save him he would say yes. But if he sat there and did not act upon that belief in faith, and he did not eat the food he would die. Many say they are believing God, but that does not mean they are in faith, for if they were, their words and actions would line up with what God’s Word has said. For faith without corresponding action is dead.

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