Rise Above Fear

Romans 8:15
For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear,…

The very moment you are born again you receive a new spirit man within, the new you. That new spirit man does not have any fear, because fear leads to bondage. Bondage is exactly what the devil wants. His desire is to keep you bound by fear. In doing so he can mislead you and take advantage of your life through deception. This is the path he desires for you to walk on, and one of the ways he leads you down that path is through fear.

It begins by getting you to make a decision based on fear. Whenever you begin to make choices based on fear, you are now going down a deceptive path. You may think you are doing the right thing because of what you are being told or have heard, but if the decision you make is because you are afraid, this will open you up to further deception. Now you are more easily deceived by what you are hearing, even common sense is no longer applied, for you are walking in deception.

When you are deceived you don’t know it or you wouldn’t be deceived. You may think you are making wise choices but don’t realize you are being mislead. This is why you must make your decisions in life based on God’s Word. Many think they are, but if you have any fear working in you, those decisions are not based on the Word. God’s Word brings a confident assurance, for His Word is Truth. Never base your decisions on fear, no matter what man may say. Always base your decisions on the Word, and you will not be lead down this deceptive path.

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