His Word Is Eternal

Psalms 119:89
Forever, O Lord, Your word is settled in heaven.

So what is your opinion about having a pastor and being a part of a local church? What about tithing, unforgiveness, speaking in tongues, sharing the gospel, etc? The truth is it doesn’t matter what our opinion may be about things that the Bible is clear about. What many believers don’t understand is that when you choose to have your own opinion about what God has said, this will hinder your ability to walk in Bible faith.

Sad to say many don’t really understand Bible faith, and yet we are told to live by faith. A key to Bible faith is getting it settled in your heart once and for all that whatever God said is Truth, and our opinion really doesn’t matter. For example, even though many know scripture teaches us that by the stripes of Jesus we are healed, yet they don’t act as if that is actually true. Their confession reveals that they don’t actually believe such scriptures because if they did, they would agree with God’s Word and only speak in line with God’s Word.

When you choose to have your own opinion about the Word of God, choosing not to do what it says, this will hinder your ability to walk by faith in the promises of God. You are not taking His Word as the final authority, but instead choosing to see things “your own way”. Doing so puts you in disagreement with God. His Word is settled in heaven and for all eternity, and therefore it doesn’t matter what we think about it. If we will choose to take all of God’s Word as the final authority and therefore walk in the light of that Word, we will learn to walk by faith and not by sight.

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