Redeem Your Time

Ephesians 5:15-16
15 Therefore, pay careful attention to how you conduct your life — live wisely, not unwisely.
16 Use your time well, for these are evil days.

When you look at men and women of God who walk in great faith, and who understand and use their God-given authority, many wish they could be like them. Guess what, you can. So many Christians fail to recognize the key area to deal with in their life that is needed to attain that walk with God they say they want. What is that key ingredient? Time.

We choose every day things that determine what we do with the time we are given. If you look at any person from the natural standpoint that has gotten good at something, they did so because they devoted much time to that area of their life. What many don’t know is that devoting time to spiritual development makes a powerful impact on every part of your life. Many today will not take the time to get to church services, or spend time in prayer, reading the Word, etc. What the devil and your own flesh will do is to get you to be foolish with your time.

Often the reason many have to work so much is because of all the things they want in the natural, so they work countless hours to pay their bills because of all these things. Others are busy with their hobbies and other things that will never help them develop their walk with God. Put the kingdom first on your time list and all the things you need will be added unto you. Ask God to help you to balance the use of your time. The difference between those who have a close walk with God, strong faith, and are spiritually mature, is how they use their time.

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