Jesus Wants Disciples

Matthew 28:19
Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, …

Some of the final words Jesus spoke to His disciples before ascending into heaven are here in Matthew 28. Think of how important these words to His church are. He revealed two things in the above statement. He wants every believer to be a disciple and to make disciples. That is the will of God for every believer. You are not a disciple just because you are born again, you are a convert in Christ. A disciple is a Christ follower. Let’s look at the seven things Jesus said make a disciple of Christ.

  1. You become one with the Word of a God. (John 8:31) – Jesus said if you abide in (become one with) His Word, you are a disciple indeed.
  2. Jesus is your first love. (Luke 14:26) – Jesus said you cannot love anyone more than Him, or you cannot be His disciple.
  3. You live to fulfill His will. (Luke 14:27) – Jesus said you must bear your cross to be a disciple.
  4. You are willing to forsake anything for Him. (Luke 14:33) – Jesus declared you must forsake all to be His disciple.
  5. You don’t lose your flavor. (Luke 14:34) – Salt that loses it’s flavor has been watered down, and that is not a disciple.
  6. You walk by faith. (John 15:8) – A disciple gets results when they pray.
  7. You walk in God’s love. (John 13:35) – Jesus said all will know you are His disciples by the love you have for one another.

It is a privilege to be a disciple of Jesus, but you must have the “want to” in order to become one. Be a disciple and help make disciples. In doing so you will lead people to Christ and help them become a Christ follower, and there is no better way to live.

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