The Knowledge and Wisdom of God

Colossians 2:3

God has hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ.

All the wisdom and all the knowledge we need is found in our Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus is the Word made flesh, and through the Word of God we can get this wisdom and knowledge. When we lack knowledge we lack the ability to know what God knows about something, not knowing what God says about a matter. We can go to God’s Word and find out exactly what He has to say about any subject.

But knowledge of what God desires for us or wants us to know is not enough. If all you had was knowledge of something, you would only know what God desires for you. Wisdom teaches us how to walk in the knowledge we have. For example, knowledge of God’s Word teaches us that He desires to provide all of our needs. As you study God’s Word further you find that wisdom teaches us how He does that. Scripture tells us as we give it shall be given to us, for this is God’s established law revealed throughout scripture of sowing and reaping.

To walk in wisdom requires a reverence for the Lord. If you reverence Him you will walk in the wisdom He reveals. If you don’t you will keep doing things your way. If you want to walk in God’s will for your life, go to the Word of God to get knowledge and to get wisdom. Then just apply what you have learned from Him, and you can walk in His will for you.

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