Parable of The Sower – Part 4

Mark 4:20

20 But these are the ones sown on good ground, those who hear the word, accept it, and bear fruit: some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some a hundred.

Parable of The Sower – Part 4: Whenever the Word of God is preached faith is present but it is not always received, and this is why many believers are weak in faith. In the parable of the sower Jesus teaches this truth as He reveals the Word is the seed, and the ground is the heart condition of man. The only way that faith will grow is the seed must be planted (received) in good ground.

As we have already seen seed on wayside soil will not produce faith, for that seed is immediately taken by the devil. Wayside hearts are those who do not plow up their harden heart. They are ruled by their fleshly nature. Then there is the stony ground heart, which is the believer who is not a doer but a hearer only of the Word, not willing to give up their will for God’s will. Next is the thorny ground believer whose focus is on other things. The fourth heart condition Jesus reveals is good ground, which receives the seed and produces faith.

The good ground believer does not just hear the Word, they accept it. This means they take it as their own. They don’t question God’s Word, they simply believe what it says and they act upon the Word of God as if it were already so. They do not walk by sight, what they see in the natural, they walk by what God’s Word says. This is a believer who gives full attention to God’s Word, applies what they hear to their life, and God is the priority of their life every day. If you want to see the Word working in your life, become good ground for the seed of God’s Word.

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