Be Holy, For God Is Holy

1 Peter 1:15
But because the God who called you is holy, you must be holy in every aspect of your life.

Holiness is not something you hear a lot about today, but it has never changed with God. Scripture teaches us that Jesus will come back for a “glorious” church, which refers to believers overflowing with God. One of the biggest problems we see today that is leading many believers down a deceptive path is the lack of holiness. As the above verse clearly teaches, God expects us to be holy in every aspect of our life.

What does this actually mean? Vines expository dictionary gives us a better understanding of this word. It defines holy as “godlikeness”. Simply put, we should live like our God, set apart from a lifestyle of worldly living. The significance of this is that God cannot work through and show His glory to others through His body that is not living holy. We are to be a vessel of honor, set apart for the Master’s use.

Jesus did not shed His blood for us to live a life of sin, but to free us from sin and it’s destructive ways. God has not changed, for He has come to transform us so He can change lives through us. We choose to set ourselves apart from a lifestyle that leads us away from God, and we continually renew our mind to the new you on the inside. As we do these two things we draw closer to God and become a light to the world around us.

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